How does server virtualization affect data center cooling? 

The vast majority of company data centers have gone through some level of server virtualization, with the objective of making server fit-ups faster, reducing the number of servers and related physical space required, all while reducing energy consumption. These actions typically result in a positive impact on the IT side and reduce energy consumption. The […]

How much cooling do you really have in your data center?

Data centers are constrained by three elements – space, power and cooling. Limitations on any one of these three will result in restricted growth and poor operation of the critical facility.   Assessing rack and IT equipment space  Determining if there is sufficient space for new racks or other equipment that is visible, can be measured […]

Airflow for Dummies – Breaking Down Best Practices

Good airflow management is essential in today’s data centers. Increasing rack heat loads are driving the need to deliver cooling to where it is really needed. Not only does good airflow management allow for greater IT load capacity and increased cooling efficiency, but it can significantly reduce energy and operating costs. But, where do you start?  […]

Debunking Data Center Cooling Myths – You Can Cool Better with Less Equipment

Data centers generate an abundance of two things – information and heat – both of which continue to grow exponentially. The over 4.3 billion internet users’ appetite for information, whether it is social media, eCommerce, emails, product/information searches, or company look-ups, has been especially voracious during the pandemic. Even though employees at most companies have […]