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Some of the clients we have worked with to improve data center operational efficiency and reduce energy costs.

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Customer: A national Canadian health related organization.

Issue: The data centre was undergoing major upgrades and redesign including equipment layout. The objective was to extend the life of the existing infrastructure for approximately 5 years and try to increase overall energy efficiency. Major question that needed to be answered was, could the existing cooling infrastructure meet the growing heat loads that were projected for the next five years.

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Customer: A multinational security solutions company that provides security for enterprises and consumers in more than 4,000 organizations spanning 60 countries.

Issue: The client was planning to expand their server population by 30% with high density, high powered servers and was concerned with the level of heat that would be generated and if the current cooling system would be adequate.

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Customer: A large retail organization which handles over 20 million transactions a day.

Issue: Client was experiencing significant cooling issues within the data centre which was causing operation problems. The data centre had more than 4 times the cooling capacity for the existing heat load, however hot spots existed and air delivery to the servers was not optimized, resulting in excess energy consumption.

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