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Customer: A large retail organization which handles over 20 million transactions a day.

Issue: Client was experiencing significant cooling issues within the data centre which was causing operation problems. The data centre had more than 4 times the cooling capacity for the existing heat load, however hot spots existed and air delivery to the servers was not optimized, resulting in excess energy consumption.

Challenge: How to cost effectively improve operating environment with no impact on daily business operations and ensure a long term solution. There was also a power constraint that limited the amount of power that could be used by the cooling infrastructure within the data centre.

Process: SCTi conducted a detailed site survey of the data centre, which included temperature, humidity and air flow measurements at the floor, at all racks supply and exhaust and CRAC supply and return. Heat load of IT equipment was calculated along with cooling capacity and power consumption of existing A/C units. Inspection of the air delivery and air flow patterns of the data centre were carried out. Inspection of the power distribution and UPS systems were conducted.

Solution: By analyzing the data gathered during the site survey and discussions with the client we developed a profile of current and future power and cooling needs. Based on this we met with several vendors of A/C equipment to discuss the requirements and the appropriate product offerings that would meet the cooling needs and stay within the power constraints.

Implementation: SCTi provided the customer with recommended A/C solutions and improved air management. To provide further insight intothe powering profile we installed a power monitoring unit that tracked the energy consumption of the entire data centre brokendown by IT assets, A/C units and UPS. This enabled the client to monitor any changes in the power requirements and make necessary changes to stay within the previously identified threshold.

Result: The data centre is now equipped with cooling equipment appropriate for their current and identified future needs. Infrastructurepower consumption has been reduced enabling the client to add additional IT equipment prior to a costly expansion of powersupply. The customer was eligible for a rebate through the local utility company. Total power consumption was reduced by 20%with an ROI based on energy savings for the new A/C equipment in less than 24 months.