Handle the Summer Heat: Right-size Data Center Cooling and Earn Energy Incentives

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Take advantage of energy incentives to reduce the number of kilowatts your data center uses.

Data center best practices have undergone transformational change in recent years. New right-sizing strategies to cooling capacity can optimize your energy efficiency while enabling increased IT capacity.
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to implement these strategies with a project cost savings of up to 50%.
Data center cooling experts, SCTi, will discuss the increased need for energy efficiency and create an action plan to help you:
  1. Become a better environmental steward,
  2. Improve cooling energy efficiency,
  3. Reduce operating costs associated with your data centers, and
  4. Access energy incentives.


  • Determine if you need to optimize your data centers
  • Examine how data center optimization reduces operating costs and increases IT load capacity
  • Analyze the evolution of data center operating conditions and best practices
  • Develop a strategic plan to assess and approach your data center cooling project
  • Create a plan of action to access the IESO retrofit incentive
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