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Learn how to plan an airflow management strategy and improve the cooling efficiency of your data centers.

Data centers consume 1% of the world’s electricity every year, and cooling systems account for upwards of 40% of that energy consumed. We all know the important role these critical facilities play in today’s world, but at what cost?

At SCTi, we have reduced cooling energy consumption by 7,843,801 kWh in Canadian data centers. During our work we noticed a need in the industry for education on airflow efficiency and cooling. 

Compiling more than a decade of hands-on experience, we’ve crafted a white paper that outlines the science behind airflow management best practices in data centers with the goal of reducing cooling energy consumption.

Read our featured article – Cooling at Data Centers: A Look Forward to Sustainability 

“As the increased demand on IT equipment persists, data centers are experiencing a significant rise in heat load, driving the need for a well-planned airflow management strategy. To ensure a stable environment and maximize the efficiency of cooling systems, businesses must follow airflow management best practices. This paper outlines the science behind airflow management, where inefficiencies exist, and the importance of taking action to reduce energy and operating costs.”

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