Reducing Energy Consumption in the Data Center: Case Studies in the Real World

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With Applied Math Modeling, we reviewed two major energy reduction projects we have led within the last two years. In each of these cases, we presented the before state, the predicted savings, and the final results of specific tasks done to reduce the energy consumption in the data center. These improvements not only reduced the operating costs for the data centers, but also enabled the data center owners to reduce their capital cost expenditures by deferring planned cooling upgrades.

You will learn:

  • How to measure energy consumption in an existing data center.
  • How to model and predict future energy consumption based on efficiency improvements.
  • How to measure the energy improvements to the data center after modifications and quantify the operating cost savings.
  • How CFD modelling can be used as a prediction tool and an educational tool for the customer to more readily understand the current and future scenarios.
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