5 energy conservation measures to optimize your data center cooling

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Up to 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions are created by data centers, and cooling systems account for 40% of their energy consumption. However, with the right application of energy conservation measures, you can optimize your data center and reduce cooling energy usage by 25-40%.

In this interactive discussion, leading industry professionals boil down five energy conservation measures that will help you become a better environmental steward and build a more sustainable future.

Learning Goals:

  • Identify key factors that point to the need to optimize your data centers
  • Determine five core energy conservation measures that will improve cooling system effectiveness
  • Assess OPEX and CAPEX benefits of reducing data center cooling energy consumption, by analyzing two case studies


  • Arnold Murphy- CEO and President at SCTi
  • Marc Ouellette- Manager of Engineering Services at SCTi
  • Paul Bemis- President and CEO at Applied Math Modeling Inc.
  • Ryann Burton- Manager of Mechanical Services at EA Group
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