You asked, we answered: Top Data Center Cooling Questions

YOU ASKED, WE ANSWERED: TOP DATA CENTER COOLING QUESTIONS Our most recent webinar focused on the application of 5 energy conservation measures (ECMs) to optimize data center cooling. In the colocation case study, we discussed the application of these ECMs to the data center and how each one contributed to optimizing cooling. To guide our interactive discussion, we asked our audience to list their top data center cooling questions, and today we’re sharing those answers with you.  […]

You Shouldn’t Run Your Data Center Cooling Like a Commercial Office Building

YOU SHOULDN’T RUN YOUR DATA CENTER COOLING LIKE A COMMERCIAL OFFICE BUILDING Cooling systems are key to the ongoing operation of data centers. As more reliance is placed on data centers to perform day to day functions, such as social media, eCommerce, and a vast array of information services, the uninterrupted operation of data centers is increasingly important. Today’s servers have become more […]

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