Data Center Cooling Optimization: How to maintain energy savings long-term

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Each data center is unique, requiring a tailored approach to optimize cooling and achieve energy efficiency. By applying energy conservation measures, appropriate to your site, you can reduce OPEX and defer CAPEX for new cooling systems while substantially increasing capacity for IT load.

We’ll be addressing your top data center concerns in this open discussion with our partners at EkkoSense as we demonstrate the long-term energy savings associated with maintaining cooling optimization.

SCTi’s Cooling Optimization Program (COP) is a proven method that reduces cooling energy usage by 25-40% and saves you tens of thousands of dollars each year.


  • Measuring the benefits of cooling optimization – Case Studies
  • Identify the key benefits of EkkoSoft Critical in maintaining an optimized state
  • Determine OPEX and CAPEX benefits of maintaining your optimization


  • Arnold Murphy  CEO and President – SCTi
  • Marc Ouellette  Manager of Engineering Services – SCTi
  • Dean Boyle  CEO and Co-Founder – EkkoSense
  • James Kirkwood  Head of Critical Services – EkkoSense
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