SCTi will become the exclusive North American distributor for the EA Group’s floating head retrofit, a climate-controlled technology that drastically reduces data center energy consumption 

TORONTO, 20th May 2021: Data center cooling optimization specialists, SCTi entered into an exclusive marketing and sales agreement with the EA Group, electrical and HVAC contracting experts, for distribution of floating head technology to North American data center clients.  

The floating head retrofit achieves energy savings as high as 45% and improves compressor lifecycle and reliability by reducing compressor pressures during lower ambient temperatures. 

Floating head pressure is a climate-controlled technology perfected by the EA Group to reduce energy consumption of data center DX based air conditioning systems. The retrofit entails replacing the standard mechanical expansion valves with new electronic expansion valves, a micro-processor based controller and a variable speed drive lead condenser fan, enabling head pressure to modulate based on ambient temperature. This results in a drop in compressor wattage while compressor cooling capacity (BTU/hr) increases, in turn reducing compressor energy usage. 

Arnold Murphy, CEO of SCTi explains, “This retrofit is especially appealing in Canada and parts of the Northern US where the ambient temperature is 23°C (73°F) or below for 75% of the year. Significant energy reductions can be achieved by operating at a lower condensing pressure for a large portion of the year. An additional benefit is the reduction in carbon footprint due to the removal of significant amounts of refrigerant that is no longer required for certain installations.”  

Paul Bird, President of EA Group added “We’ve worked with SCTi for over 5 years on many floating head projects and are excited to team up with them to broaden the market exposure of this technology.” 

To date, over 225 CRAC units have been retrofitted with the floating head technology, making them more responsive to ambient temperature conditions resulting in significant energy reductions. 

About SCTi: SCTi has more than 15 years of experience maximizing data centre performance through airflow and cooling optimization. Their comprehensive Cooling Optimization Program (COP) right-sizes cooling capacity and improves airflow management to reduce costs by 20-35%. Taking a customer-centric approach, they provide turnkey solutions that enable companies to become better environmental stewards by reducing data center cooling energy consumption and greenhouse gases. 

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About The EA Group: The EA Group has over 35 years of experience innovating in maintenance, contracting and construction of mission-critical sites. Their team of electrical, engineering and HVAC specialists tailor reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet their client’s needs. From the initial planning stage to preventative maintenance, they offer full-service solutions. 


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Mariève Murphy
SCTi – Market Research Analyst

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