Introducing the First Free Air Cooling System for Telecoms in North America

Toronto, January 12th, 2023 – Today, data center energy cooling disruptor Strategic Clean Technology Inc. (SCTi) announced their North American distribution partnership with Energy Cool, Europe’s first free air displacement cooling system.

To reach aggressive ESG targets and still offer exceptional service in 2023, North American telecom and cable companies are rethinking what cooling technology they use across the U.S. and Canada. With thousands of cell tower huts and smaller data centers, many of which are in remote locations, the challenge has been to find a cost-effective solution that will maintain appropriate thermal conditions with minimal maintenance costs and long life expectancy.

Energy Cool has found the answer by offering a cooling product that virtually eliminates maintenance costs and reduces carbon emissions. Their free air cooling system combined with Phase Change Material (PCM) has saved many European telecoms millions in energy bills while virtually eliminating related CO2 emissions.

Technology Highlights

  • Low power consumption and noise while controlling the facility at the desired temperature
  • Easy and quick installation with no HVAC contractor required for setup
  • Optimum operation under extreme cold and heat conditions found in communications huts, WIC’s and equipment cabinets


Strategic Clean Technology Inc. (SCTi) is excited to add Energy Cool’s offering to its existing suite of products and services that have secured energy savings and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions for its data center customers over the last fifteen years. With offices in Ottawa and Toronto, SCTi will be the first partner organization in North America to offer Energy Cool’s solutions.

Telecom and cable companies in North America have thousands of small cell tower shelters and data centers that require cooling in the warm weather and heating in the cold season. The telecom industry will achieve significant energy savings and CO2 emission reductions by deploying the Energy Cool free air cooling solution in these sites. The Energy Cool system can meet their needs year-round, moving them closer to achieving their sustainability goals. We have been looking for this level of innovation in cooling for small sites for some time. Many of these small sites are in remote locations, making maintenance on traditional mechanical systems difficult and expensive. The simplicity of design and low maintenance of the Energy Cool solution substantially reduces operating costs. – Arnold Murphy, SCTi

Most regions of the North American geography are excellent candidates for free air cooling. Supplemented with PCM, many small cell tower huts and small data centers can operate without mechanical cooling all year. Energy Cool’s free air cooling and PCM products are proven solutions with over 800 installations in Europe, many of which are in extreme weather locations. It is great to see SCTi bringing our solution to the North American market, particularly given its strong reputation for delivering energy-efficient cooling benefits to customers. Energy Cool and SCTi make a great team. – Henrik Thorsen, CEO, Energy Cool

About Energy-Cool

Energy Cool has developed the most energy-saving product for cooling servers and technical rooms on the market. Their free air-cooling product is designed for clients who want to reduce energy consumption and simultaneously make a significant and positive impact on the environment.

About SCTi

SCTi has more than 15 years of experience helping clients reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions by optimizing cooling and airflow in data centers. The addition of the Energy Cool free air-cooling solution will be a significant step forward for telecom, cable and other companies that have small data centers or shelters housing IT equipment.


 North American Energy Cooling Trailblazer SCTi and European Cleantech Startup Energy Cool, announce partnership. 

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