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SCTi has over 15 years of experience delivering cooling and air flow management solutions in data centers of all sizes.  Through a comprehensive cooling audit process and air flow modeling, using computational fluid dynamics software, we identify the root cause of cooling issues. 

We have a team of technology experts that can resolve your data center cooling and air flow management issues. We understand the problems and pressures of doing more with less. Our role is to improve the operation of your data center while saving you money, both in the short term and long term. Our expertise can immediately improve operational and energy efficiency and create a strategy for long term sustainability.

We provide an unbiased approach to your data center requirements and recommend solutions that are in line with your company’s strategic and financial objectives. It is not our intent to sell you more equipment, but rather to help you do more with what you currently have and extend the life of your data center. Through an investigation and analysis of your data center facilities we can develop the steps needed to improve operations and resolve the problems being encountered today.