Helping companies reduce thermal risk and maximize data centre uptime up to 35% on energy costs

Our Mission

SCTi’s mission is to ensure your data centre cooling operates at maximum efficiency to avoid thermal risks and downtime.

Central to this is cooling efficiency – how well the cooling system and air flow meets the needs of your data centre. Having excess cooling capacity is no guarantee that a significant thermal event causing equipment failure can be avoided.  N+1 cooling and air flow are not achieved just by adding more cooling capacity. How well the cooling capacity and air flow is being delivered to where it is needed is essential to maximizing uptime.  

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Expertise and Experience

The team at SCTi has a diverse skill set that includes cooling optimization certifications and critical facilities expertise. Their experience and approach to maximizing data centre capacity and energy translates into a positive experience backed by a 1 year guarantee.

Certifications include:

  • CDCAP Certified Data Center Audit Professional
  • CDCEP Certified Data Center Energy Professional
  • PEng Professional Engineer – Mechanical Engineering 
  • CMVP Certified Measurement and Verification Professional 


Cooling optimization strategy and onsite expertise includes:

  • 20+ years of data centre cooling and energy efficiency
  • project management and delivery of engineered solutions


How your data centre benefits:
We ensure SCTi’s tailored solutions improve day-to-day operations while substantially reducing operating costs and extending the life expectancy of your facilities. Our solutions include considerations for regulations, product performance, operations, and project management implications to maximize client returns.

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Get recognized for saving your organization money and decreasing your carbon footprint.

SCTi strives to be at the forefront of all new and innovative ways to further optimize the health of your critical systems.  Our work aims to decrease energy costs for our clients while significantly reducing their carbon footprint. 

Let’s have a discussion and explore how SCTi can help your organization achieve its environmental and operational goals.

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