Data Center Cooling

How much cooling do you really have in your data center?

HOW MUCH COOLING DO YOU REALLY HAVE IN YOUR DATA CENTER? Data centers are constrained by three elements – space, power, and cooling. Limitations on any one of these three will result in restricted growth and poor operation of the critical facility.   ASSESSING RACK AND IT EQUIPMENT SPACE  DETERMINING IF THERE IS SUFFICIENT SPACE FOR NEW RACKS OR OTHER EQUIPMENT THAT IS VISIBLE, CAN BE MEASURED AND IS QUITE EASILY ASSESSED. YOU MUST […]

SCTi enters into exclusive North American distribution agreement with the EA Group

SCTI ENTERS INTO EXCLUSIVE NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT WITH THE EA GROUP SCTi will become the exclusive North American distributor for the EA Group’s floating head retrofit, a climate-controlled technology that drastically reduces data center energy consumption  TORONTO, 20th May 2021: Data center cooling optimization specialists, SCTi entered into an exclusive marketing and sales agreement with the EA Group, electrical and HVAC contracting experts, for distribution of floating head technology to North American data center clients.   The floating head retrofit achieves energy savings as high as 45% and […]

Is There More To Data Center Cooling Optimization Than Energy Savings?

IS THERE MORE TO DATA CENTER COOLING OPTIMIZATION THAN ENERGY SAVINGS? How can data center Cooling Optimization projects be justified?  Legacy data centers are typically not the most energy-efficient due to years of change, add-ons, and expansions. In many cases, the approach is to “just keep it running” until a new facility can be built. That approach results in a […]

Everything you want to know about containment

EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT CONTAINMENT Last Wednesday we hosted, Containment: Improve DC thermal conditions and maximize IT capacity, with our partners at Polargy Inc. Our discussion covered the what, where, when, and why of containment.   We weren’t surprised to see that most of our viewers are either considering deploying containment in the next year or are unsure which approach would be appropriate in their data center.  As […]

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