Everything you want to know about containment

EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT CONTAINMENT Last Wednesday we hosted, Containment: Improve DC thermal conditions and maximize IT capacity, with our partners at Polargy Inc. Our discussion covered the what, where, when, and why of containment.   We weren’t surprised to see that most of our viewers are either considering deploying containment in the next year or are unsure which approach would be appropriate in their data center.  As […]

Maintaining Cooling Optimization for Long-term Energy Savings: Everything You Need to Know

MAINTAINING COOLING OPTIMIZATION FOR LONG-TERM ENERGY SAVINGS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW During our latest webinar – Data Center Cooling Optimization: How to maintain energy savings long-term, we reviewed how our cooling optimization program (COP) significantly reduces cooling energy consumption and demonstrated how to maintain energy savings long-term. We were joined by our partners at EkkoSense, who introduced their platform to a Canadian audience.   As no two sites are […]

Energy Conservation Measure: The Floating Head Retrofit

ENERGY CONSERVATION MEASURE: THE FLOATING HEAD RETROFIT When optimizing cooling in a data center, we deploy a set of customized energy conservation measures (ECMs) to achieve the highest level of cooling efficiency and overall energy savings. This week, we’re taking a closer look at the floating head retrofit, one of our ECMs that drastically reduces energy consumption, extends the service life of cooling units and reduces carbon footprint.   DATA CENTER ENERGY CONSUMPTION In […]

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