How much additional capacity, budget and environmental benefit can be unlocked from your data centre?

Each data centre has operational challenges that are time-consuming and critical to supporting your business. So why bother investigating your cooling and airflow? Simple. From a senior leadership perspective, things like achieving carbon emission targets, decreasing operational spending, and increasing capacity can help the business as a whole. By bringing these efficiencies to their attention it shows that you’re not just maintaining the status quo but being strategic in the projects you invest in.

Our data centre cooling optimization program is a turn-key solution that provides the insight and transparency you need to make smart business decisions. Senior management will applaud the results of this program aimed at decreasing your energy costs significantly.

Right-size your data center cooling capacity and improve airflow management to reduce energy costs by 20-35%.

This represents not only significant cost savings, but substantial improvements to the thermal conditions of IT equipment. COP addresses cooling issues in data centres. Optimizing air flow is the fundamental first step in improving cooling efficiency and effectiveness, helping to reduce cooling energy costs and enabling you to maximize the existing cooling capacity.


Get there in 3 steps.

“Arnold and Marc add great detail on cooling optimization projects with the use of solid analytics that drives an energy model leveraging operational efficiencies while outputting advantages on the asset bathtub curves through an increase in operating life cycles while concurrently showing a clear case for deferred Capex.”
Telecom Client
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