Data Centre Assessment Services

If you’re looking to make a difference in your organization from either an environmental or operational perspective our Data Centre Cooling Optimization Assessment is worth exploring.

Our no-commitment Data Centre Assessment is an inexpensive way for you to showcase how your data centre can save, on average, 30% on your cooling bill. 

The first state of the assessment process is to establish a baseline of how efficiently your data centre is being cooled. To do this temperature sensors are used to record the CRAC return and supply air temperature and humidity and the rack intake and exhaust temperature and humidity. Energy meters are installed on each of the cooling systems to capture energy usage. Air flow measurements are taken on perforated tiles and IT loads are recorded. Visual inspections of rack and equipment layouts are noted and along with the level of existing air flow management such as blanking panels, aisle containment, etc.

How We Do It

The data center optimization assessment uses extensive data collected during our on-site review, we create metrics for comparison of your sites’ operation to industry best practices and guidelines. Based on these metrics and SCTi’s extensive experience we’re able to recommend a fully customized solution to ensure you achieve the highest level of efficiency – and therefore the greatest energy reduction resulting most money saved.

Our Data Centre Optimization Assessment Will

  • Review and identify inefficiencies in cooling systems operation
  • Conduct energy metering of cooling systems to establish baseline energy use
  • Assess cooling system operations including operational parameters
  • Review cooling system layout
  • Conduct air flow measurements to evaluate current air flow relative to actual cooling requirements
  • Review design layout to pinpoint supply and return air flow issues

We Deliver:

  • Comprehensive report on inspected areas
  • Detailed metrics of site characteristics and comparison to recommended guidelines and best practices
  • Identification of problem areas and the causes of those problems

Energy Efficiency Benchmark

  • Establish benchmark of energy consumption
  • Gather usage information on IT loads, cooling, and lighting
  • Collect data and analyze IT energy loads
  • Total power input of data centre

We Deliver a Detailed Business Case with ROI:

  • Benchmark report providing a reference point of current conditions highlighting areas of concern
  • Based on the data centre inspection and benchmark report, we will create a business case which includes projected costs to rectify issues, timeline, projected energy reductions, and potential for acquiring energy incentives for the project to demonstrate the value of improvements. We’ll also include the estimated payback period.
  • Report detailing recommended action, cost for each action, and the estimated payback period based on the projected energy savings.
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