Cooling Optimization Results

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“The #1 reason data centre vendor’s don’t meet client expectations…the ROI doesn’t justify the time, effort & cost.”

What makes SCTi different?

To be blunt, we want to see you spending less money on cooling energy costs and decrease your carbon emissions. Basically, do more with less. Why? The outcomes of our program help you operate your data centre far more efficiently and effectively.

Using a mixture of in-person expertise, AI powered data centre optimization software and automated cooling technology, we can help you reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint significantly.

Critical Systems






  • 42% cooling power savings
  • 225 kW of available cooling capacity released for future use
  • 126% IT load increase
  • Over $100,000 in savings in the first year alone

Data Centre Optimization Case Study

“SCTi’s competence in this area of cooling optimization has been very outstanding.

I have had the opportunity to roll out quite a number of these initiatives with SCTi on the COP strategy and the cost benefits far outweigh the capital outlay.

The benefits accrued when the ECM toolbox is leveraged on the energy efficiency and optimization programs sounds the bell for an energy initiative that rides well with corporate executives; key points to note are the many impacts exponentially downwards on the OPEX curve for the organization in the category of O&M cost. These programs set up the analytics for asset life cycle cost so linking exponentially the reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) for the assets being treated under these COPs.”



Unlock Energy Savings

I have ESG or Energy Saving targets that I need to meet in the short-term and long-term for my company.



Free Lost Capacity

My Data Centre needs to demonstrate that we are saving money and freeing up capacity.



Implement Smart Monitoring

We want to offer Data Centre Monitoring, Analytics and/or Actionable Insights to our customers.

What We Offer

SCTi Services

Cooling Optimization

Optimize the air flow of your data centre to improve cooling efficiency and effectiveness with our AI and Machine learning products and our customized In-Person Implementation services.

Cooling Energy Efficiency Audit

Understand how to maximize your site's capacity and energy with a detailed report and recommendations of your facility's cooling performance.

Energy Conservation Measures

Deploy advanced energy efficiency measures to achieve your carbon emission targets, reduce costs and maximize site availability.

Critical Facility Design Consultation

Ensure your customer's needs are incorporated into the design of your critical facility with an easy but detailed consultation with one of our experts.

OPEX Efficiency Program

Maintain operation efficiency for the long-term with the right nformation needed to make critical decisions for your data centre.

Incentive Program Management

Get access to available energy incentives without the time it takes to do all of the research. We manage this process for you to reduce the cooling optimization payback period.

Customers expect more from a data centre… and your competitors aren’t delivering it, can you?

We offer the best solutions to optimize your critical systems.

Achieve a significant ROI for your data centre< 12 months

Our solution not only pays for itself but between our cooling audits and software/hardware monitoring solutions, your data centre can achieve massive savings in less than 12 months.

Get closer to both customer and internal ESG targets

Our cooling optimization solution and tools provide immediate carbon savings to support corporate energy-saving goals.

Track and manage your data centre’s capacity in real-time

We provide the hardware and software necessary to release stranded M&E capacity.

Provide complete operational visibility 24/7

Detailed operational insight accessible from mobile and/or desktop, available anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Remove data centre thermal and power risks and avoid costly downtime

100% ASHRAE thermal compliance and comprehensive power monitoring prevents tiny dropouts developing into big outages.

Be the Hero of Your Organization with an Energy Saving Program that Turns Heads.

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