Telecom Client

Arnold and Marc add great detail on cooling optimization projects with the use of solid analytics that drives an energy model leveraging operational efficiencies while outputting advantages on the asset bathtub curves through an increase in operating life cycles while concurrently showing a clear case for deferred Capex.

Josh Schmidt

Are you in the Data Centre Business? You absolutely need to check out SCTi’s FREE webinars. I’ve had the honour of working with them on many projects and would never think of using anyone else. They specialize in optimizing your Data Center with 3D airflow modeling, energy analysis, IOT Data analytics, and much more.

Parmanand Samaroo

SCTi’s competence in this area of cooling optimization has been very outstanding. I have had the opportunity to roll out quite a number of these initiatives with SCTi on the COP strategy and the cost benefits far outweigh the capital outlay.  The benefits accrued when the ECM toolbox is leveraged on the energy efficiency and […]

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